Rescue Data from Non Booting MacBook Air Hard Drive

“Hey friends, from last few months i was working comfortably on my MacBook Air. I had also saved many of my important files & folders over it. But, today’s morning when i tried to access my MacBook Air, then it fails to boot. I have tried several times to boot it but, i don’t get success yet. Friends, now i am worried about my important files which i had saved inside it.” So, is there any way to rescue data from non booting MacBook Air hard drive? If so, then kindly help!!

Well, if your Macbook fails boot then don’t be puzzled! As you are on the right channel. Here, you will get complete answer regarding how to recover data from non booting hard drive. But, before engaging your hand inside the recovery process. It is necessary to know why such sort of cumbersome situation takes place in midway.

Factors Responsible for Non booting MacBook Air

Apple Map Corruption: Apple Map is a table that contains all the necessary details regarding Mac hard drive volumes and its location. If in case it gets corrupted or become inaccessible, then you are unable to you MacBook Air.

Catalog File Corruption: Corruption in catalog file is also one of the particular reasons for the non booting MacBook. As it stores the file hierarchy of Mac volumes and if it get crashed, you have to face non booting issue.

Bad Sector: Presence of bad sector is also responsible for the severity issue. It generally appears due to incomplete formatting of hard disk, read-write head crash, improper termination of system files, etc.

Apart from that, there are various of other factors too that are responsible for non booting MacBook Air.

How to Fix Non Booting MacBook Air?

Well, in order to fix non booting issue, you should have to go for formatting option. But, doing so will erase all the saved documents from your hard drive. Now, what should you do to rescue data from non booting MacBook Air hard drive. Is there any way to recover it back?

Steps to Recover Data from Non Booting MacBook Air Hard Drive

In order to rescue data from non booting MacBook Air hard drive, backup plays an important role. Using which you can easily be able to recover your data back. However, if you fail to avail this very option or in case a proper backup is not available with you then, in such situation you should take help of third party Mac data recovery software. Its highly stable algorithm will performs deep scan of entire hard drive. Further, using this very software you can easily be able to recover data from non booting, dead hard drives. Beside that, its easy to use interface will really makes the recovery process easier. So, try it and easily get your lost data back.

User Guide to Retrieve Data from Non Booting MacBook Air

Step 1: Download and install Mac data recovery software. After that, choose the Drive or partition from which you want to recover your data and then click over Scan now option.

Step 2 : Here, you will see the scanning process which is in progress.

Step 3 : All scanned files are shown in a tree like structure.

Step 4 : In this step you will be able to see the preview of file that you want to recover.

Step 5 : Now, select the file or files which you want to recover. You can select single or multiple files to recover. To start the Recovery click on Recover Button.

Step 6 : In this step select the destination where you want to save your recovered data.

Step 7 : In this step a message will pop up stating that “The Destination you have choosen is on the same source drive as source”. This message is use to advise people for checking data saving destination. So if you are sure about the destination path then click on “Proceed Anyway”.

Step 8 : Finally, save the recovered file at your desired location.