Rescue Data from Crashed Hard Drive

Does your PC hard drive gets crashed accidentally? Are you facing data loss situation? Searching for some effective procedure to rescue data from crashed hard drive? Well, then don’t be puzzled! You are at the right spot. Here, you will be guided with effective and secure recovery steps to recover data from crashed hard drive.

Being a smart user, you should be aware of the fact that hard disk is a primary storage unit for any computer system. Whatever the operation you perform or whatever the data you saved gets stored inside your PC hard drive. But, think what should happen if this primary storage device gets crashed. Its should be really a panic situation for any one of us. Generally, in such situation it has been seen that user’s lose their hope and start getting puzzled about their data. But, you don’t have to be worried! As still all your data present inside your crashed hard drive. Now, in such scenario backup plays an important role. Using which you can easily be able to retrieve data from crashed hard drive.

However, if you don’t have a proper backup or fails to rescue data from crashed hard drive then, there is an effective option available for you in form of Mac data recovery software. The tool has been sophisticatedly designed and developed by the professional who have year’s of experience in the field of data recovery. It provides you complete recovery of lost, crashed data from hard drives. Apart from better recovery option, the tool is also provides easy to use interface that really makes the work easier. Hence, make use of this very software and easily rescue data from crashed hard drives.

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Precautions to Be Followed In Case of Data Loss

  • Avoid further utilization of corrupted hard drive.
  • Always have a proper backup of your data.
  • Avoid sharing of your corrupted hard drive.

User Guide to Retrieve Data from Crashed Hard Drive

Step 1: Download and install Mac data recovery software. After that, choose the Drive or partition from which you want to recover your data and then click over Scan now option.

Step 2 : Here, you will see the scanning process which is in progress.

Step 3 : All scanned files are shown in a tree like structure.

Step 4 : In this step you will be able to see the preview of file that you want to recover.

Step 5 : Now, select the file or files which you want to recover. You can select single or multiple files to recover. To start the Recovery click on Recover Button.

Step 6 : In this step select the destination where you want to save your recovered data.

Step 7 : In this step a message will pop up stating that “The Destination you have choosen is on the same source drive as source”. This message is use to advise people for checking data saving destination. So if you are sure about the destination path then click on “Proceed Anyway”.

Step 8 : Finally, save the recovered file at your desired location.

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