Reason of Error Occurrence and Tricks to Rectified it

1 . Out of memory

If PuTTY tries to allocate more memory that system has given it then “Out of memory” error get occurred. It may also takes place for genuine reason : if you have configured huge number of lines of scrollback in your terminal or if your machine really run out of memory. The PuTTY is not capable of handling such errors when system runs of memory and immediately it will terminate after giving “Out of memory” error message.
However, this error may also occurred when PuTTY receive data in wrong format. In SFTP and also in SSH-2, the server will send the size of each messages before itself, so that PuTTY will receive the size and try to allocate space for message, and then receive rest of the messages. If PuTTY receive garbage size then it automatically allocate a ridiculous amount of memory and will terminate by giving “Out of memory”.

2 . Corrupted System Files – Unable to Load the Operating System

A sudden power off or system crash can corrupt system files which is a vital part of your operating system. If these things happen, users don’t get time to backup their data and falls into troubles. Mac system has built-in capabilities to just repair or restore the system files. In most of the scenario you get your data back but if the storage drives are safe- they can save your some major issues.

For Mac its a pretty common issues of corrupted files, it denied the permissions of the files. By yourself you can sort out several issues just by rebooting the system into Safe Mode. In safe mode machine force checking and delete cached files, error correction on the file system and restart the computer in a limited resources without loading anything but only basic one. Once successfully booted into Safe Mode, restart computer normally and hope that the trouble get solved in that automated process.

If won’t then use Mac system OS disk, run Disk Utility and then try to fix the system file errors. Insert the disk into drives and reboot the computer. It’s also a automatic process, after loading choose a language and follow the instruction on the screen.

You can go for Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software which is effective and not need much technical knowledge to recover lost data from Mac system. Just download this software and allow it to install on your Mac machine. After successful installation, start the software and locate your storage drives from which you suppose to retrieve your lost data. Software has the capability to recovered data from all types of storage media which is detected by Mac machine. Whatever version of Mac OS you have, it it is compatible with Snow Leopard, X Mountain Lion, X Yosemite, X Mavericks, X Lion and latest Yosemite 10.10 operating system.