Drive Partition Tool Mac : Easy Steps To Partition A Disk Using Drive Partition Tool Mac

Partitions in the devices means it divides into individual partitions, which are listed as separate volumes in the devices section in the finder sidebar. You may need to partition your Mac drive if you want to change device format and and want to install multiple OS on the system. Having extra storage space on your system is a boon if you are desiring to store your downloads and other files without thinking about the storage running out of space. The Drive Partition Tool Mac allows you to cleverly edit, delete, or merge extra spaces. You can plan and control the division partitions in your Mac give you on orderly hard disk. When you started partitions in an internal hard disk and you are planning to splitting your hard into separate entities. It is just an organizational tips for the computers that there is just one physical hard drive but you want to keep files in separate drives.

drive partition tool mac

Manual Method To Drive Partitions On Mac Using Disk Utility As Drive Partition Tool Mac


Disk Utility is an application that helps you to do partitions on Mac or dividing hard disk into multiple partitions. It is easy to use and reliable program for partition on Mac. It gives you a attractive graphical user interface and best of all these its absolutely free of cost to downloads and install. Infact it included with the Mac OS. It is a multi-purpose application that is easy to use that works with a drive images and hard drives. In addition to this drive partition tool mac can format, erase, repair and partition hard drives and also create RAID arrays as well. This program can also use to create clone of any drive including your Startup drive. It always had a few changes made with itself with Stellar Partition Magic each release of the Mac OS but when the Apple released OS X El Captain, it made a major makeover.

How To Make Partitions On Your Mac Sierra OS Using Disk Utility


Step 1. Open Finder on your dock.

Step 2. Now select Applications.

Step 3. The you have to scroll down to open the Utilities Folder.

Step 4. Double tap on Disk Utility to open it.

Step 5. Select hard drive into Disk Utility window. You may find it as the first drive on the list. It might be named “Fusion” or “Macintosh HD”.

Step 6. Then click on Partitions tab.

Step 7. Now Tap on plus (+) button.

Step 8. You can change the size of the partition by dragging the resize controls. The used space is flagged as Blue.

Step 9. Put the name of the new partition.

Step 10. At last click on Apply.

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High Rated Paid And Free Software That Used As Drive Partition Tool Mac


Software Rank

Software Name

Star Rating

Download Link

#Rank 1.

Stellar Partition Manager Mac

#Rank 2.

EaseUS Partition Master


#Rank 3.

iPartition for Mac


#Rank 4.

Cute Partition Manager


#Rank 5.

Paragon Rescue Kit


Top Three Paid Software For Drive Partition Tool Mac

#Rank 1. Stellar Partition Manager Mac


Stellar Partition Manager Mac is a professional software that helps you to perform basic partitioning operations such as creating, deleting, formatting, resizing and hiding or revealing a partition. This software is a simple, reliable, and secure tool to manages on your Mac including Boot camp and Boot volume. It is basically designed by to manage your mac drives. However if you want to create a partitioning on boot drive on your Mac then create a bootable DVD. Drive partition tool mac is highly suggested that if you working on boot drive then you have to first keep backup of the files. It provides you undo facility to the last selection that you have made to perform. but later decided not to proceed further. This software optimizes free disk space on your Mac and show list of free space. It also features to select size of the new partition or an existing partition.

Specifications Of Stellar Partition Manager Mac


  • Stellar Partition Manager Mac is a complete Mac partition manager tool.

  • This tool resizes the mac partition by optimizing available free space.

  • Create new partitions on Mac hard drive.

  • This utility resizes boot camps and NTFS partition very easily.

  • You can use this to resize, formats or deletes existing Mac partitions.

  • It performs batch operations to avoid the risk of data loss.

  • This drive partition tool mac also create bootable media.

  • It has a unique feature of roll back which you may understand as undo.

  • This software compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

System Requirements For Stellar Partition Manager Mac





1 GB

Hard Disk

50 MB Free Space

Operating System

macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

#Rank 2. EaseUS Partition Master


EaseUS Partition Master is a comprehensive tool which is used as drive partition tool mac. It allows you to repartition, recover your hard disk with ease and keep your PC/laptop running smoothly. It optimizes you hard drive through a stream of processes such as creating, designing, resizing, merging. It gives you facility to make a clone of disk or volume in file by file for data protection or disk upgrade and to retrieve lost partition on unallocated space. It also extend storage space for new OS installing and you can make full use of hard drive/SSD edge for the better performance with data security. It supports a large hard drive capacity that is highly in demand in this digital era.

Key Features Of EaseUS Partition Master


EaseUS Partition Master offers best solutions to resize, delete, move,split, wipe, format partitions to make better use of hard disk capacity. Some of the promising features are

  • Move or resize partitions without data loss. Like extending NTFS system partition without reboot to enhance PC performance.

  • Copy entire hard disk to another without re-installation of OS.

  • EaseUS Partition Master support up to 8 TB GPT disk.

  • This tool has a Partition Recovery Wizard allows you to recover lost/deleted partitions from unallocated spaces.

  • You can use this drive partition tool mac to safely merge two adjacent partitions into a larger one without having data loss.

  • Easily convert FAT into NTFS file system.

  • Wipe partition/Wipe disk to permanently wipe sensitive data on disk.

  • It can convert primary partition into logical partition and vice versa.

  • This EaseUS Partition Master support all RAID hardware, hard disk, removal storage devices, GPT disk, FAT/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3/ReFS file system.

Pros And Cons Of EaseUS Partition Master




1. EaseUS Partition Master has easy to use interface.

1. Careless use of EaseUS Partition Master can damage your PC.

2. EaseUS Partition Master has a powerful technique to make partition on Mac.

3. Useful help file included into package.

#Rank 3. iPartition for Mac


iPartition for Mac is a drive partition software by coriolis-systems. Partitioning on your disk may probably one of the best way to handle space on your Mac system. You will also need to do it if you make plan to separate different things in different segments. While you you can partition your mac hard disk using disk utility then iPartition for Mac offers more graphical ways to carry out the same process with ease. It is a disk partitioning tool for Mac OS with the capability to resize Mac OS extended (HFS) partitioned while keeping their contents intact. This drive partition tool mac has easy to use interface and built in intelligence that saves your from data loss. This tool allows you to make disk partitions intelligently. It facilitates you a graphical format to highlight, edit and delete your partition. It also feature to queue their tasks and edit flags into partitioned table.

System Requirements For iPartition for Mac


  • Processor – Intel 64-Bit Processor

  • OS – Mac OS 10.14 or later

Pros And Cons Of iPartition for Mac




iPartition for Mac has graphical partition view.

iPartition for Mac resize handle is not always very precise.

Highly Used Free Tools For Drive Partition Tool Mac

#Rank 4. Cute Partition Manager


Cute Partition Manager

Cute Partition Manager is an advanced hard disk partition software that something different from the others free partitioning utility because of running from inside of the OS like most of the other does. You have to boot it from using a disk or a flash drive with the tools installed on it instead. If you wanting to boot directly the tools like Cute Partition Manager the it is not a bad thing. In reality in the world of partition manager it often happen which is very helpful. If you are wanting to done the partition of your hard drive then it is not so easy using this tool because this drive partition tool mac has no graphical user interface bit you are able to create, delete, and format partitions using it. You have to use your keyword to navigate around. Using this you can easily add, edit, delete manage partition on your system. It is downloaded as a portable file called “cpm.exe”. When you trying to open it then it will give you a message to create a bootable CD/DVD/floppy.

Pros And Cons Of Cute Partition Manager




1.Cute Partition Manager works without having an OS installed on the system.

1. Cute Partition Manager has no graphical user interface.

2. Very small download file size.

2. It doesn’t save the changes you made.

3. It supports formatting in a wide range of file systems.

3. You can not use it directly on the system you have to burn it into a flash drive or disc before use.

4. It has not any advanced features.

#Rank 5. Paragon Rescue Kit


Paragon Rescue Kit is a free professional disaster recovery tool that is need to you get an unbootable PC working again. This tool came with a single executable. So there is no need to install it just launch it on the affected system and follow the wizard to create very own bootable disk. Paragon Rescue Kit is an ideal system and data management tool for Mac. This drive partition tool mac provides you powerful backup and flexible recovery functions and everything that is needed you to do the perfect partitioning your hard drive. It has a reliable and impressive data wiping algorithms, and many more features that will make your Mac PC just awesome to work.

Attractive Features Of Paragon Rescue Kit


1. Complete Hard Disk Management – This Paragon Rescue Kit covers all aspects of Mac OS drive partitioning and regular backup to PC migration, disaster recovery and secure utilizations of an outdated storage. This is one alone tool equals to two or more competitive utilities to have a similar set of functions.

2. Regular Data Protections – Paragon Rescue Kit facilitates you to sector level data processing using Paragon’s Snapshot that enables you to do live imaging of the entire Mac including OS, applications with superior performance. Faster backups and restore only needed files through the finder using backup image.

3. Supports latest Mac OS Sierra – It offers you snapshot driven backup and recovery features. Helps you to resize your partitions and redistributing unused space, retrieve accidentally deleted or lost partitions, secure data wiping, disk copying and also can disable system integrity protections. It supports all the latest OS versions.

Why you should use Stellar Partition Manager Mac Over Above Mentioned Tools For Drive Partition Tool Mac


Stellar Partition Manager Mac is a unique and splendid tool from the developers of Stellar company which is highly used for drive partition tool mac because it performs the partition process with ease and hassle free. It is featured with many of the attractive features that drags the Mac users to use this product on their PCs. This drive partition tool mac product is one of the highly searched item on Internet. The developer company of Stellar Partition Manager Mac is giving services in this field since 1993 and now it has more than 2 million happy customers worldwide and the company recently got CIO Choice 2017 award for their splendid services. So you can rely on it.

Quick Installation Steps Of Stellar Partition Manager Mac


Step 1. Download Stellar Application on your Mac

Step 2. Double tap on Stellar Application .dmg File.

Step 3. Drag Stellar to your Application Folder and Run.

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