About US

1. Sofia Jackson has been doing an internet marketing for over 5 years in Central America and US. She has an extensive experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. She has also worked for an international non profit business. She can help your company grow faster with her content and search marketing. You can easily follow her on sofia.jackson007@gmail.com .

2. Maria D’suza has started out as a web design and marketing agency but over time she turn into a leading SEO firm. She has managed a campaign that results to double the web traffic for latest gadget which lead to a rise of 110% in the online purchasing. She was also one of the campaign developers for an American Bank. She use to help and develop a social media marketing strategy through her analysis. You can meet her at dsuzamaria006@gmail.com .

3. Sakira Mathews has been qualified as a SEO professional having solid experience in SEO campaigns, keyword research, SEO ranking monitoring, analytics, link building as well as social media optimization. She holds a degree in account management and marketing and has a deep passion for optimizing a websites in order to achieve business goals by improving SEO ranking through her research and analysis. You can take her help anytime at sakiramathews123@gmail.com .