Mac Data Recovery Software is a Powerful Recovery Tool For Mac

Now a day Mac becomes more popular as compare with Windows based computer. Everyone wish to have Mac system not only to achieve high-speed data processing but to seek for security of their data. Its pleasant looks, portability, good graphics are Mac additional features. Anyway these special features also play key role in making machine the most desired system. Is Mac system really keep your data safe and secure? The truth is still not clear since different scenarios are coming in front that tells about data loss. We all know that computer is a machine and we should not expect that a machine perform significantly well in its entire life. Though it is tough to believe that Mac do come across data loss issues. In worst condition if data loss troubles occurred, then we have Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software which got power to scan the storage volume thoroughly and recovered the lost data in its original format. Whatever the reason for data loss, this powerful tool will work out and retrieve the data.

Some Common Error on Mac are as Follows:

  • Deleting Files/Folders Unknowingly : Mac are dominating machine among others. People around the world are upgrading their machine to latest version of Mac for getting fastest speed then earlier one. Unfortunately without backup their data they just upgrade the machine. As a result some times users contribute to data loss like deleted vital data that they required in near future. In most of the case, while upgrading lots of important file get removed and become tough to get back again. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software is there which can recover your deleted data from a range of stores media including USB flash drive, Hard Disk, SD card and others.
  • Due to Corruption of File System : No matters which version of Mac machine you are using, data loss are pretty common issues and they comes into every version of Mac operating system. Corruption of file system is one of the major causes that results in huge loss of data. Even desktop based Mac like iMac are susceptible to failure of file system due to several issues such as abnormal shutting down, power failure, when hard drives becomes too old, bad sector comes out which fails to read/write files.
    Since file system is the key utility to manage the stored files on the hard disk. If file system get corrupted then with the help of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software one can scan HFS, HFS+, ExFAT, and NTFS file system based drives and recover data easily.
  • Time Machine Sparsebundle Errors : It occurs when something gone wrong while taking up last backup because of someway. As a result, Mac system fails to process your request and get crashes frequently. In addition to that due to Time Machine Sparsebundle errors, users might face troubles while accessing their files from hard drives and other installed application programs which really create a pain. This error may also poor the performance and even terminate abruptly which results in completely loss of data from Mac machine. If you are looking for effective solution of Time Machine Sparsebundle errors then no need to worry you have Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software that will fix such error.
  • Virus Attack : Although Mac is considered more safe and secure as compared to Windows based system but still some nasty viruses are being written for it. Downloading some free software or other related files will lead to security issue and further influence the entire file system.
  • Header File Corruption : Header file are one which contain entire details information of files that you are going to access. So, if any single error takes place in header file it can’t process your requested file and even generates Time Machine Sparsebundle errors corruption messages.
  • Changing in BIOS Setting : Unknowingly if users make some modification into BIOS sector then it will lead to emergence of various erroneous situation related to Time Machine Sparsebundle errors which you never suppose to have.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software

One can use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software if Mac users lose their vital data in any circumstances. This software is capable to recover data from all types of storage media that the Mac machine detect. Using advanced technology and algorithms, expert has designed this powerful software to deal with data loss. Software is compatible with X Yosemite, Snow Leopard, X Mountain Lion, X Lion, X Mavericks and latest Yosemite 10.10 operating system.

Features of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software

  1. Compatible with the latest Yosemite 10.10 OS
  2. Perform Mac file recovery on iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro
  3. Recovers all erased files in its their original file names
  4. Recover data from encrypted file systems
  5. Supports Time Machine Backup drive recovery
  6. Supports RAW recovery on lost drive


Steps to Recover Lost Data From Mac OS

Whatever the reason for which data loss encountered on Mac machines can be recovered by using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. Follow the below stated steps to recover Mac data:

Step 1 : Download and install Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. Make double click on the shortcut icon from desktop to launch the software.

Step 2 : Welcomes screen of the software get appear. Select the “Start New Scan” to recovered formatted, deleted, lost data from Mac hard drives.

Step 3 : Select your drive from which your wish to recovered data and click “Recover Data”. Click “Start Scan” to initiate scan process.

3 Step 4 : A preview is displayed after successfully finish the scan process.

4 Step 5 : From the preview list select your desired file and then click “Recover ” button to recover the selected file.

5 places.
Step 6 : Choose location on which you want to save the file.

Step 7 : Confirm the destination that are differ from the the scan drives and click to “Proceed”.

Step 8 : Start saving your data on your specified location.


Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software is compatible with X Mavericks, X Mountain Lion, X Yosemite, X Lion, Snow Leopard and latest Yosemite 10.10 operating system.